Snow Globe Kyoto GION ~旅ドーム 京都 祇園~

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musubiオリジナルスノードーム  「京都の祇園」がテーマです。 京都の祇園を象徴するスポットとしても有名な巽橋周辺の情景を表現しました。祇園白川の流れ、風情ある石畳の古橋「巽橋」と川沿いの柳の木、整然と軒を連ねる京町家。白川に佇むアオサギと京町家の白猫。春の美しいソメイヨシノの桜並木の様を桜色のパウダーで表現しました。台座には、巽橋の周りを歩く舞妓さんを造形しました。
Snow Globe Kyoto GION ~旅ドーム 京都 祇園~
Snow Globe Kyoto GION ~旅ドーム 京都 祇園~

Snow Globe Kyoto GION ~旅ドーム 京都 祇園~

SKU: SK0104
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The theme is "Gion, Kyoto"

This globe represents the scene around Tatsumi-bashi Bridge, a famous spot that symbolizes Gion, Kyoto. River flow of the Gion Shirakawa, the elegant stone-paved old bridge "Tatsumi-bashi Bridge" and willow trees along the river, and the neat rows of wooden houses in kyomachiya. A heron standing on the Shirakawa River and a white cat in kyomachiya. Beautiful Yoshino cherry trees in spring are full in bloom. On the pedestal, Maiko girls walking around Tatsumi Bridge is sculpted.

*Please note liquid may decrease, become cloudy, or contain bubbles due to aging.
*Please avoid storing the product in a place exposed to light, such as a windowsill, as it tends to get yellowish if exposed to light for a long period of time.



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