YUKATA のしめ人形

SKU: SG0032
YUKATA のしめ人形
YUKATA のしめ人形

YUKATA のしめ人形

SKU: SG0032
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This is the red colored Kids' YUKATA that is drawn Japanese doll "Noshime-Ningyo".

The lovely pattern is  just right for kids.

"Koshihimo" is attached to the YUKATA.

"Koshihimo" is a long thin fabric that is used to keep holding YUKATA in place by tying firmly.

We have same patterned JINBEI.


the standard size of each age

25  under 1 year of age
30  1-2 years old
35  3-4 years old
40  5-6 years old
45  7-8 years old
50  9-10 years old

made in Japan   100% cotton