wc-YUKATA 牡丹鶴 bota tsuru

SKU: SW0123
wc-YUKATA 牡丹鶴 bota tsuru
wc-YUKATA 牡丹鶴 bota tsuru
wc-YUKATA 牡丹鶴 bota tsuru

wc-YUKATA 牡丹鶴 bota tsuru

SKU: SW0123
通常価格 ¥5,720
  • 1万1千円以上送料無料(一部地域を除く)





This YUKATA is designed with Peonies and Cranes. The purple fabric enhances their beauty.

This YUKATA is popular with visitors from overseas. It's also great as a gift.

This YUKATA is simple style as it that is worn at Japanese-Style Hotels. It is different with typical YUKATA. It can be worn without "Ohashori". "Ohashori" is a fold around the hips that is created by tucking excess fabric to make the YUKATA fit the body. This product doesn't have side halls and the Sleeves are short. That's why the people who are not used to YUKATA can wear it without feeling of wrongness.

We have several types of the pattern so you can choose your favorite one. We are selling it only M size.

"Koshihimo" is attached to the YUKATA. "Koshihimo" is a long thin fabric that is used to keep holding YUKATA in place by tying firmly.


Size reference for different height



MADE IN JAPAN Cotton 100%