A kimono is also recommended for wedding invitations overseas!

by 尾﨑由美子

Hello, this is musubi-kyoto.

About two years ago, I attended a wedding party in Canada! It was a wonderful party full of happiness, with the bride and groom from Italy and Hong Kong, and guests from Europe, Asia, Canada, and other countries.

At that time, I will be attending in kimono (^^)

Is it difficult to carry luggage? It's compact like this. Zori sandals and bags are a little bulky, but the same goes for Western clothes.

Is it difficult to dress? Actually, the kimono and obi this time are a two-part kimono and a drum-making obi, so it's okay. It was a long drive of 8 hours in total, including the 1 hour drive each way from the hotel and the party, but I managed to get through it without any clothes getting ruined.

Above all, the foreigners were very happy. Kimono is a special magic that makes women look beautiful ~ Even older women who are not yet 60 years old get compliments on it (^ ^)

Although things are difficult right now due to the coronavirus, I believe that the days when we will have opportunities like this again will not be far away. I'm so excited to get it ready now!

Are you all ready?
“Wedding party at kimono” is really recommended (^^)

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