HAPPI COAT for Women

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    Our "HAPPI COAT" is a knee length lightweight jacket, and highly recommended as a gift.

    "HAPPI COAT" is popular overseas as home wear for relaxing at home, or as a fashionable item to be worn over casual clothing.  The jacket is baggy-sleeved with a sash around the waist.

    Japanese own designs are described on the fabric, and they are finely stitched by our professional craftsman.  We are sure you would be satisfied with its fabulous design and high quality fabric.  Each product is inspected carefully one by one.

    This modern casual dress adds a sense of luxury.  It looks very fashionable, and makes people feel very relaxed and comfortable.

    ・Material (Three Types) : 100% silk, 100% polyester satin, 100% cotton
    ・Made in Japan
    ・Sash belt is included
    ・One size

    Size Length Height (cm) Height (feet) Waist (cm)  Waist(inch)
    F 42’’

    155 ~ 175

    5’1’’-5’9’’ ~ 115 ~ 45.3’’

    (Rather large-sized than standard, USA size.  Adjustable for most people,)

    34 products