One-touch half-width band

Easy-to-tight obi

Can be worn alone

Separate type kimono

One-touch drum belt

Easy-to-tight obi

Yukata and kimono that can be worn alone


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Campaign list

Take a walk in Kyoto in a kimono! Sepalena kimono coordination

Large size but calm colors

Pair it with a light yellow obi for a gentle atmosphere.

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small roses are scattered

Tighten your kimono with a black obi

Taiko obi ST023 ¥19,690

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A similar color kimono with a blue classic pattern

Pair it with a modern light blue obi

Taiko belt ST064 ¥16,390

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A bright navy blue kimono with large flowers

Pair it with a bright yellow obi with fluctuating stripes.

Half-width belt SH155 ¥12,980

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Cute black kimono with cherry blossoms in full bloom

Pair it with a calm pale pink obi

Taiko obi ST092 ¥19,690

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Sepalena category list

  • Sepalena Kimono

  • Sepalena Yukata

  • Sepalena Juban

  • Otaiko obi

  • Hanhaba obi

Graduation ceremony/thank you party

Accessories to brighten up your special day

recommended item

We have a set of kimono and yukata for you to use at work.

Please contact us if you need multiple pieces for uniforms, events, etc.

musubi original snow globe

see snowglobe

A great gift for your loved ones overseas

for Foreigners

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