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    [What is NJU DAIKO]

    A type of obi knot, the "NJU DAIKO" part of the taiko knot is made up of two layers. It is mainly used to tie round obi and fukuro obi. It is said to be of higher rank than the single-layered drum.
    Compared to the Nagoya obi, we use a fukuro obi, which is made of thicker gold and silver thread, and we also double the drum part to create volume. This obi knot is mainly used for formal wear, so it can be matched with plain colors, homongi, tomesode, etc. for a classy look.

    [Characteristics of Sepalena obi]

    To use the sepalana obi, simply fasten the belt and pass your hands through it . It's made so that you don't have to worry about tying it, so it's really easy. You'll have a great look in no time.

    2 products