Making a stylish and gorgeous fukuro obi obi

by 尾﨑由美子

Hello, this is musubi-kyoto.

Today we will be introducing a new double drum making obi. A stylish and gorgeous bag with a gold and silver running water pattern. With a simple pattern and color that goes well with any kimono, it will be useful in a variety of situations. It is made into a double drum so that it can be used in formal places.

Of course, it's made with a separana obi, so it's easy to wear, and you can easily maintain your look while wearing it.

Fukuro obi obi is difficult to make because its weaving is complicated and thicker than regular obi, and the process of making it into obi obi is so frustrating that the professional sewing machine breaks. This time, the craftsman worked hard and carefully sewed the machine, and I completed the double drum design with scratchy hand stitching.This is a masterpiece!

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