How about using Mino ware as obidome?

by 尾﨑由美子

Hello, this is musubi-kyoto.

Today, we would like to introduce you to an obidome with an animal motif, which was born from ``ceramics'' that make you feel the warmth of the earth.

Each piece was made with great care and time.

This time it's a series with animal motifs that everyone loves💛. All of them are heartwarming and adorable, so just looking at them makes you feel happy. Since it's so cute, we specially made it into an obidome that's perfect for the sanbu-himo.

With obi straps featuring your favorite animals, you'll feel even better when going out in a kimono or yukata.

Mino ware obidome 10 types @¥1650

Sales will begin at the Kyoto store from April 3rd (Saturday). Mail order sales are scheduled to start in early April.

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