About washing musubi yukata

by 尾﨑由美子

Hello, this is musubi-kyoto.

We will answer the frequently asked questions about washing yukata. Most yukatas sold at musubi can be washed like regular cotton laundry. However, please be sure to put it online. In particular, two-part yukatas have long strings that can easily get tangled. Fabric softener is OK, but if you use laundry starch once in a while, it will crisp up. Since it is made of cotton material, you can also use an iron. I think it would be a good idea to think of it as just like washing regular clothes.

*Please note that colored patterns may cause color transfer. Especially when washing for the first time, it is safer to wash it alone. *Please check the washing instructions for some special yukatas.

When you get back from your day out, wash your yukata in the washing machine and go out the next day in a fresh and clean yukata!

And at the end of the season, be sure to wash your clothes and prepare for next year (^^)

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