[SALE] Japanese-made yukata "Soshite Yume"

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    "Soshite Yume," the house brand of a famous Kyoto kimono manufacturer, is a popular brand among those who seek authenticity.
    We offer a selection of exquisite products made from domestically produced cotton fabric and carefully sewn domestically .

    The "Soshite Yume" yukata is carefully crafted down to the smallest detail.
    The sleeve length is 51cm, slightly longer than a regular yukata, and the sleeves are deep and rounded like the bottom of a boat, creating a stylish and distinctive design.

    The sewing stitches in visible areas such as the hem and sides are designed to be difficult to see from the outside.
    In addition, parts such as the collar and back are hand sewn, so the luxurious feel is not lost, making this a perfect yukata for adults who know the real thing.
    5 products