The ``Sepalena half-width obi'' will become even more cute if you make it fluffy!

by 尾﨑由美子

Hello, this is musubi-kyoto.

The ``Sepalena half-width obi'' is a useful obi for kimono and yukata.If you trim the feathers of the ribbon, it will give volume and become very cute.

↓If I don't do anything, my back will be flat and it won't be good...

↓Use the ribbon folds on the back of the obi to curl the three wings on one side slightly inward to create a three-dimensional look.

1st photo

The same goes for the second, third, and other side.

↓Let's finish it so that the top looks rounded when viewed from the side.

↓Complete! Now it's cute

Since the obi can be kept in a high position, you can also expect the effect of lengthening your legs. The back view also looks nice (^^)

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