Solve your problems by body type! Advice on 7 types of correction methods for various body types

by スタッフmusubi

The ideal body shape that looks good in a kimono is said to be ``flat shoulders and a slumped torso''. You can achieve such a body shape through correction. Before you put on the long undergarment, try using something like cotton or a towel to put it on top of the undergarment.
I have summarized a little about the correction, so please use it as a reference.

[For those with a chubby body]
Many people think that applying cotton or towels to your body will make you look fatter, but you should also apply towels or cotton to the areas where you have sunk in to make your body look more chubby.

[Those with a slender body]
Place a cotton ball the size of a weekly magazine on your chest. In winter, it is a good idea to wear a quilted undergarment or hem guard under the long undergarment.

[Tall people, people with a narrow waist]
The string at the waist will gradually become thinner as you wear it, so wrap it in a thin towel or similar to keep the waist tight.

[People with a stooped back (poor posture)]
Pull out a little more at the back of the collar, and if you don't have a chest, add some cotton to create a bulge in the front. As you wear it, the collar tends to get stuck at the back of your neck, so sometimes pull down the back of the undergarment to the buttocks to release the collar from your neck.

[Larger bust]
It's best to use a kimono bra to hold your breasts in place, but if you're using a bra for clothes, avoid ones with stitching or wires to flatten your bust as much as possible. This will make your chest look neat and beautiful.
If you have wrinkles in your chest and cleavage area, apply a triangular cotton pad to prevent wrinkles.

[Anchor shoulder]
Tear up cotton and make pads 7cm wide and 15cm long and place them on your shoulders to make them less noticeable. Once you put on the kimono, let's relax your shoulders.

This is a key point when tying the obi.
[Those with a protruding stomach]
When tightening the obi, wrap a towel or oshibori into a long strip and clip it only to the top of the front board. If you tie an obiage over it, it will be hidden.
My belt won't go up, and my stomach will no longer be noticeable. Rather than suppressing what comes out, we recommend adding it to the retracted area. Wear the kimono with the lower front raised as much as possible and tie the obi low.

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