[Kimono and obi are easy once you understand them! The secret to combining] We will solve your problems.

by スタッフmusubi

As the old saying goes, ``One kimono has three obi belts,'' and if you have three obi belts with different atmospheres, the same kimono can have a completely different impression depending on how you combine them. There are various colors and materials for obiage and obijime, so you can combine them in many ways depending on the TPO and season.
Having your favorite kimono as a base will expand your enjoyment.

It is no exaggeration to say that the important thing is to make sure that the kimono and obi are of the same class. A sparkling obi with gold or silver threads has a high class feel, so it goes well with a tsuke-hange or a kimono that is more than just a casual wear. Komon and pongee, which are often worn as everyday wear, can be matched with an obi that does not have gold or silver thread.

Nowadays, more and more people are wearing lace obi or heko obi with their everyday wear. I think it's best if you can wear it freely and enjoyably. Why not try incorporating kimono more easily into your life?

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